North American Adventures: An Overview

The Americas (also collectively called America)encompass the totality of the continents of North America and South America. Together they make up most of the land in Earth’s western hemisphere and comprise the New World.

If you’re looking to stray(ed) far from the crowd in a nod to Wild and the solace of solitude, then forego the Appalachian Trail for the Dalton Highway instead. This 414-mile stretch of road attracts three kinds of people – those seeking a quiet space to think, those preoccupied with the gut-wrenching drama of Alaskan landscape, and anyone wanting to conquer one of the world’s most challenging roads. Of course, this is predominantly considered a service road for highly experienced truckers to but now you can sit up on a Triumph and take adventure to the next level.

The topography is dominated by the American Cordillera, a long chain of mountains that runs the length of the west coast. The flatter eastern side of the Americas is dominated by large river basins, such as the Amazon, St. Lawrence River / Great Lakes basin, Mississippi, and La Plata. Since the Americas extend 14,000 km (8,700 mi) from north to south, the climate and ecology vary widely, from the arctic tundra of Northern Canada, Greenland, and Alaska, to the tropical rain forests in Central America and South America.

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