Route Scouting Adventures: An Overview

Inspired by the stories and experiences of other overlanders, we are constantly curating new adventures. While continuing to deliver on our existing unbeatable adventures, we are always on the lookout for new epic journeys and itineraries to add to our adventure destinations.

If you don’t care about the vagaries of the outcome of a tour, we welcome you to be part of our groundbreaking scouting tours at a very nominal cost. Invaluable in helping to design and refine future itineraries, these pioneering journeys follow in the footsteps of the explorers of old and afford you the chance to be a part of our continuing adventures.

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Where to go motorcycling in the Himalayas?

There is so much to explore on a motorcycle tour around the world. Climb right in to the saddle and enjoy the experience of scouting new routes with Beaux, your adventure motorcycle experts!

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